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Calling all Dreamers

The New Firm is 'A Collective of Women (Re)Defining Success'. Gabriela, the founder of The New Firm, is an inspiration to say the least. In her previous career, she was a high-paid, powerful attorney who had everything you could ever want in life, but something was missing. Gabriela always struggled with fulfillment in her career. Unlike most, Gabriela decided to take the difficult journey to find her true passion, helping women love Monday's again and find fulfillment in their own careers. This is just the coles notes of her amazing story, check out more on The New Firm website!

Gabriela approached me after speaking to one of my past clients, and our mutual friend, to help create a brand for an upcoming masterclass that will be released soon. The masterclass will take a group of women through a complete transformation - from having a dream to really creating the life and career they most desire. I very much associated with this masterclass as I too just left a very stable, high-profile career to start my own thing. While I loved aspects of my career, for me, something was missing, I longed for more creativity, inspiration and fun in my day to day, I craved working with new people on new projects to keep my mind engaged and excited, and I really wasn't the greatest at reporting to people - I am a creative, slightly disruptive thinker which I feel is critical in business but hard to manage (sorry to all my past bosses :)).

Long story short, I very much associated with Gabriela's target audience for this program and The New Firm vibe, so the brand image instantly came to me. Using a classic dream catcher with smooth lines to match The New Firm branding, I created a light, engaging, slightly whimsical brand for the masterclass. By placing seven arrows within the dream catcher we gave a feeling of forward momentum. I am totally into numbers and seven is very powerful - seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven wonders of the world - seven represents inspiration, drive, ambition, desire and a sense of being complete. At this root of this program, I think Gabriela is truly helping these women to feel complete in their careers and life. Gabriela loved the logos and we ended up making a logo set for her to use on a variety of applications!

Keep an eye out on The New Firm for the launch of this new and exciting masterclass.

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