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Amethyst Dream / Creative Shoot

Back in March, I was feeling a huge push to well, create something kind of magical. For a creator, it is basically everything to be able to dream something up with no limitations or bounds. I was also craving a project where I could get connected with other amazing vendors. A creative shoot was the result of all this desire. Having worked with Leah Craig's beautiful creative team a few months early on the stationary for their 'Rustic Indoor Wedding with Greenery' creative shoot (which was published in Elegant Weddings!), I was very excited to put my event planning and styling skills to work and create something from the ground up.

Working with my fellow creator and life-long friend, Sarah O'Liari. The concept for this shoot was developed after walking through the beautiful doors of LIUNA Station, a refurbished and renovated CN Railway station. Walking through the grand front doors you are completely overwhelmed with the history, heritage, and stories this unique venue holds. Taking into consideration the rich history and charm of the venue, we wanted to create a shoot that was equally unique. At the centre of the concept was one of my favourite gemstones - the amethyst, which symbolizes deep love, happiness, and sincerity - a perfect match for a wedding shoot!

We wanted to create a lot of texture and depth – unstructured florals, succulents, antique tablescape, stunning ‘Gatsby’ linen and crystal pieces all contributed to this goal. Working together, with a ridiculously talented team of creatives, we successfully bridged modern glamour elements with old-world, antique charm. We used the stationary, amethyst crystal and mixed metal elements to tie it all together in one whimsical, romantic shoot.

We could not be more proud of working with the following creatives on this shoot that was featured in Wedluxe on September 1st:

Be sure to check out 'Amethyst Dream' on! If you are looking for any stellar, out-of-the-box wedding vendors please see list above and of course we would be happy to help you with any of your event styling, planning or graphic design needs!

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