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Laura is a GTA-based Nutritional Therapist and the owner of Absolute Nutrition. Laura is a rare gem who when faced with a very difficult and devastating diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2014, decided to change her life for the better. Laura turned around her health by making lifestyle changes, changing her eating habits and using proper supplementation. When she received her cancer-free status she was filled with passion and purpose and decided to become a Nutritional Therapist so she could help people be the healthiest versions of themselves.

Laura had established her brand previously, but like many small business owners felt the need for a website but assumed it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. I was very glad to tell her this wasn't the case anymore as there are so many wonderful tools available for small and large business alike. Bombinate built this site and did most of the copy writing for this project.

Laura is still working on her blog, but be sure to check it out for healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and more!

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